When to Shoot

November 16, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

By Jon Hauge

One of the most asked questions in regards to a photoshoot is when is the best time. I prefer shooting about an hour before sunset and 20 minutes after the sunset. You have warm directional light that isn't so strong that subjects are squinting into the light. The beaches at Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are natural reflectors so when the sun is directly overhead it can be tough on the eyes. The colors after sunset are actually the best time to shoot if you want colorful backgrounds. During the summer months, there is always the threat of an afternoon shower but this can also create some dramatic skies. On the flip side, shooting 20 minutes before sunrise and up to an hour after sunrise produces the same colors and light. For the best results, schedule your Gulf Shores portrait sessions just before sunrise or about an hour before sunset.


Note: This doesn't mean other times of the day are bad. During the summer months it can be uncomfortable shooting during the heat of the day. However, if a day shoot is the only option it can be done and you can still have fabulous looking portraits.

Family Beach PortraitFamily Beach PortraitA family portrait taken in Orange Beach,Alabama Orange Beach PhotographerOrange Beach PhotographerA family portrait session taken at Perdido Pass in Orange Beach. Sunset Bridal PortraitSunset Bridal PortraitA model engagement session photographed at Ft. Pickens, Pensacola Beach. Penelope Dress provided by Simply Bridal www.simplybridal.com and model is Alanah Gamwell.

Jon Hauge


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