Family Sessions in Studio and Around Foley  

30 minute sessions at and around the studio in Foley, Alabama starting at $150. On location sessions also available in Robertsdale and Silverhill. $300 for a one hour session. All digital files and 40% off on prints through my lab. The digital images will have basic edits. Extensive touchups like removing facial blemishes, fixing stray hair will be applied to your 5 favorite images. Prints ordered will have extensive edits included if needed.  Scroll to the bottom or click link for the price list.

On Location and Beach Plans

Family Plan à la carte | $340

I do not have a session fee. Payment of $340 is due after the session and you will get $340 full credit applied to your order of prints and digital files to make your own packages. A non-refundable $125 deposit is required to save the date unless it's bad weather or I have to cancel. I will send you a link to the proof gallery and a coupon code you use at checkout that is worth $340. You get to choose how you spend the $340 credit.  Scroll to the bottom or click link for the price list.

Single Family Digital | $500

Single family with grandparents. All digital files from the session, social media app and 40% off on prints through my professional lab. Typically it can be 100-250 images especially if there are candid moments and individual portraits of the children. I will do more extensive edits on your favorite 10 images if they need it. Most are happy with the basic edits.

Multi-Family Digital | $650

All digital files made available for download, social media app for downloading, and 40% off on prints. For large multi-family this could be 150-300 images. I will do more extensive edits on your favorite 20 images if they need it. Note: Some multi-family may qualify for the single family rate, please inquire about the possibility.


How This Works

If families are staying at the beach we can shoot at the beach house or condo. However, these areas are usually busy with people on the beach and the backgrounds will have condos and beach furniture. If you want a more natural setting I can make recommendations. Count on 30 minutes to one hour for the length of the session about an hour before sunset. More than that and children start to lose interest but I will extend the session if the sunset is  spectacular and the kids are performing. I can get a quick family portrait in 15 minutes if time is an issue but this would still be a full session. From the proof gallery you can order prints or download the images. A typical proof gallery will have around 80-140 images to choose from but there isn't a guarantee on how many will be in the gallery. It depends on each family and how long we shoot. I can take cash, check, and credit cards. My turn around for you to view a proof gallery is usually less than a week.

Prints: Large Prints over 8x10 will have extensive edits like removing people out of the background, and switching faces in group shots if there is an available option. 

Digital Files:  Files will be available for download from your gallery. Each file will get basic editing for exposure, color balance, and minor skin touchups. USB drives can be ordered for an additional $10. I HIGHLY recommend getting prints if you buy digital files. Even if you just get the digital files from me, take the files somewhere and get some prints. Digital files will need to be archived every couple years as media degrades or there are new formats that makes old media storage obsolete. Some of the latest computers do not even have a CD or DVD drive. If you do not keep up with the latest archive media, you will run into compatibility problems with future computers. Prints are the easiest way of archiving. Ask yourself what you are going to do with the digital files. It is nice in theory to get digital files but most the time they will be stored on your computer or Facebook and forgotten. There will be nothing to hand down to the next generation if you do not properly backup and save your digital files. I do not offer print support once you take the digital files to another lab.

Deluxe Album: You can order a deluxe album through the gallery, but it is not subject to the minimum order credit since it is linked to an outside service. They will handle the design process, choosing photos and printing of a specialty album. You will be able to proof the album and add or subtract photos from the album. When you get the link to your proof gallery you will see a tab with this option. There is a DIY option for those that want to design their own photo books and is subject to the minimum order discount. 

Helpful Tips:   Relax and go with the flow. We can shoot ideas you see on online. However it needs to be limited to your favorite 4 ideas. The ideas may look great on Pinterest but the reality is some of those may have taken hours to pull off or the conditions were perfect for the idea. It is good to have expectations but overthinking can cause stress on children and missed opportunities. Light can change minute to minute so the time spent trying to force a shot could be spent taking advantage of the conditions given to us.

If there is a shot you just need to have please tell me upfront so we can make sure to get that shot. I spend a few moments getting group shots done them move on to other shots. If the group shot is THE shot you want, then lets spend some time on it. If the posed shots are less important and you want candid shots, then we will do quick group shots and move on to the candid portraits.

Beach Hair and Wind: The beach will have wind and will blow your hair all over the place if it is strong. The beach is not a controlled environment like a studio so beach hair is part of the process.

Sunburn,Uneven Tan Lines: Editing for tan lines and sunburns is extra. So, if ladies wear strapped swimsuits during their stay and decide to wear strapless tops during the shoot, the tan lines are extra to remove. Same with editing out undergarments like bra straps that may show. Guys that wear ball caps or sunglasses while on a fishing charter will have light colored foreheads or racoon eyes. Make sure to spend some time in the sun without caps or glasses. 

Additional Editing: Editing such as body slimming, removing condos, and people in the background maybe extra in some cases. Depending on the extent of editing you want it can be up to $10 extra per image. Digital images ordered through the a la carte plan and prints will get additional touchups if it is needed. 

Bad Weather: Unless there is a region wide front moving through I do not cancel. Scattered thunderstorms are always a possibility during the summer so we are always under the chance of rain during the summer. They move in and move out quickly providing great backgrounds. Also I am not dependent on natural light. I  schedule one family for a sunrise or sunset. This allows us to move the session up or down during the day depending on the weather situation. Take a look at this page Weather Conditions for an idea of how typical weather situations look.

Price List:

Residence of Alabama subject to state and local taxes

Prices subject to change. When ordering with print credit, the price you pay is minus your print credit. If you order a 20x30 canvas at $360 and your credit is $340, the additional cost is $20.

4 x 6                  $20
5 x 7                  $25
8 x 10               $30
11 x 14            $70
16 x 20            $140
20 x 30            $180


Canvas Wrap
8 x 10                $160
10 x 20              $200
11 x 14              $230
16 x 16              $230
10 x 10              $160
10 x 30              $260
16 x 20              $280
16 x 24              $300
20 x 24              $300
20 x 30              $360
24 x 30              $400
24 x 36              $500

Digital Packages- You choose which pictures you want

Full Resolution Files

10           $300

15           $400

20           $450

30           $550

All files   $850

You will be able to print the full resolution digital files anywhere and they will be ready for printing at most professional labs. The files are cropped in the 4x6 format and I usually have enough room for an 8x10 crop.  I will not offer print support once you take the files to another print lab.

Booking and Upgrade