by Jon Hauge

Jubilee's occur on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay in Point Clear, Fairhope, Montrose and Daphne during the summer months, although they have been observed in the Fall and Winter. Bottom dwelling marine life like flounder, mullet, shrimp, catfish, eels and stingrays swim to shore during times of low oxygen in the water. They are almost in a drunk condition. There are many theories as to why the this happens. The conditions that have to meet for this to occur are an East wind and high tide in the morning hours. Even then it isn't a guarantee this will happen.

When it does happen, those that are present or get the early morning phone call can scoop up flounder and shrimp with ease. A saltwater fishing license is required to take flounder and shrimp from the water. Once the tide or wind changes the fish will swim back to deeper waters.

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