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If you have a specific budget, cutting the hours needed to cover your wedding may help. If you have a 8 hour wedding and 3 hours of it is the reception, you can get me to cover everything but the reception. You can pick and choose what part of the wedding you want coverage. 

Elopement Beach Wedding | 375 
$375 Monday through Thursday for just two people and officiant. All digital files included and print ordering through my lab. Last minute weekend bookings may be possible. 
1 Hour Beach Wedding | 500
All digital files and print ordering through my lab.
2 Hour Wedding |  750
All digital files and print ordering from my professional lab. This is good for a wedding taking place at a beach house or reception is close to where the ceremony takes place.
3 hour Wedding  |  1000
All digital files included and print ordering.
4 hour Wedding  |  1500
All digital files included and print ordering.

6 Hour Wedding | 2500
All digital files included, and print ordering.
8 Hour Wedding | 4500
All digital files included, wedding album and print ordering.
How This Works

All weddings except for elopement require a $500 deposit that can be paid with a credit/debit card using the PayPal button at the bottom of the page. The deposit will be applied to the plan you choose.

After the ceremony I will create an online proof gallery so you can choose your favorite pictures.  From this gallery you can order prints or download the images. My turn around to having a gallery for you to view is usually less than a week.

Please inquire about a Day After Wedding session. We can take more time with portraits, do a trash the dress or something else. It will be a time to be creative.

Additional EditingWith the digital packages you can choose your favorite 20 images for additional editing like face touchups, removing distracting elements and switching faces in group shots if there is an option. Editing such as body slimming, removing condos, people in the background is extra. Depending on the extent of editing you want it can be up to $10 extra per image. Large prints over 8x10 will have custom edits applied.
Beach Hair and Wind: The beach will have wind and will blow your hair all over the place if it is strong. The beach is not a controlled environment like a studio so beach hair is part of the process.
State of Alabama residence subject to state and local taxes


4 x 6                  $1
5 x 7                  $3
8 x 10               $4
11 x 14            $11


Canvas Wrap
8 x 10                $160
10 x 20              $200
11 x 14              $190
16 x 16              $230
10 x 10              $160
10 x 30              $260
16 x 20              $240
16 x 24              $260
20 x 30              $300
20 x 24              $280
24 x 30              $400
24 x 36              $500

Other products available like metal prints, phone cases, calendars, calendars etc. 

You will be able to print the full resolution digital files anywhere and they will be ready for printing at most professional labs. The files are cropped in the 4x6 format and I usually have enough room for an 8x10 crop.  I will not offer print support once you take the files to another print lab.

Credit Card Wedding Deposit

Or use PayPal

Booking and Advance Payment