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Rainbow over the Monroeville Courthouse

A rainbow over the Monroeville Courthouse during a portrait session. Caylah is a model and we wanted to do a portrait session around Monroeville, Alabama. It rained for the most part of the afternoon so we drove around trying to find places it wasn't raining. That proved to be futile as the scattered showers seems to follow us wherever we went. Towards sunset we saw the clouds were breaking over downtown so we headed to the town square.

As we were walking around we noticed a rainbow over the old county courthouse made famous in the novel and move To Kill a Mockingbird. Caylah and I quickly setup for the shoot. I didn't have a wide angle lens so I had to work with various framing and angles to get it right. Fortunately the rainbow lasted for a few minutes and we could experiment some. This shot I used a flash to simulate the setting sun as she was in the shade. This way I could expose for the rainbow and then make Caylah standout against the background as well.