Along the Gulf Coast, the weather can change from hour to hour. Because of this I rarely cancel photo sessions. For beach portraits you are getting my morning or evening, not a specific time slot. We can watch the weather and move the time up or down depending on the hourly forecasts that day.  Sometimes during the summer we will have patterns of thunderstorms that move in and move out quickly. The only time I cancel a shoot is if there is a region wide front moving in or it is too windy. Winds above 10 mph make a shoot difficult for people with long hair. If there is flexibility in my booking and your time we can move a session to another day or try a sunrise session as most families like the sunset hours.


Following are what to expect in different conditions on the beach. Each has an advantage. Because I shoot based on the conditions during the session I do not photoshop different backgrounds into the pictures. I take advantage of what is given to us so the pictures are authentic to the moment. Because I use off camera flash as well, I am not dependent on just natural light so I can adapt to just about any condition.

Sunny Day

This will be the harshest sun and sometimes it is best to wait until about 30 minutes before sunset to shoot. People with light sensitivities have trouble in these conditions so I usually compensate by waiting or having subjects facing against the sun. Once the sun gets lower the light becomes softer and these make for some really great natural light shots as well as mixing in flash.

Fort Morgan Family PortraitFort Morgan Family PortraitFrom a family portrait session taken in Gulf Shores off of Fort Morgan Road. Orange Beach Perdido PassOrange Beach Perdido PassA family portrait session taken at Perdido Pass in Orange Beach. Fort Morgan Family PortraitFort Morgan Family PortraitChild portrait taken at a beach house close to Fort Morgan in Gulf Shores,Alabama

Partly Cloudy

These conditions can give some very dramatic looking backgrounds and light. With the clouds sometimes hiding the sun, we can get some beautiful backgrounds.

Sunrise Family Portrait SessionSunrise Family Portrait SessionA sunrise family portrait taken at Alabama Point in Orange Beach,Alabama. Martinique Family PortraitMartinique Family PortraitA family portrait taken at the Martinique on the Gulf in Gulf Shores, Alabama.


Overcast skies are the easiest to shoot in. The sun is blocked by the clouds so there isn't any squinting and the lighting is even.

Fort Morgan Family PortraitFort Morgan Family PortraitA family group shot at a beach house on Fort Morgan Road in Gulf Shores, Alabama Gulf Shores West Beach Group PortraitGulf Shores West Beach Group PortraitA group family shot at a beach house in Gulf Shores West Beach Infant Portrait Orange BeachInfant Portrait Orange BeachAn infant portrait session taken at Perdido Pass in Orange Beach,Alabama.

Rainy and Dreary

Even rainy days can produce great pictures. These kind of days will produce very dramatic looking backgrounds and even the possibilties of rainbows!

Rainbow Princess in Perdido KeyRainbow Princess in Perdido KeyA child portrait taken in Perdido Key Family Portrait Photographer in Gulf ShoresFamily Portrait Photographer in Gulf ShoresA family portrait taken after sunset at the Beach Club in Gulf Shores, Alabama Portrait at Perdido PassPortrait at Perdido PassSisters after sunset at Perdido Pass in Orange Beach, Alabama. Tourguoise Place Family PortraitTourguoise Place Family PortraitA family portrait taken at Turquoise Place in Orange Beach