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Gulf Shores Senior Portrait Photographer

During the discussions with the client, it was decided to have this senior portrait session at Fort Morgan. Kade and his family are from Ohio and Fort Morgan is a place they regularly visit while vacationing down here so it was a natural spot for them to choose. Fort Morgan has some great looking architecture and textures so it is a wonderful area to shoot and gives many options for backgrounds. Kade is an Eagle Scout so wanted to finish the shoot on the beach at sunset wearing a t-shirt that has special meaning to him.
There was one set during the shoot that wasn't planned. Kade brought a suit for the shoot so I picked out an area that I thought would look for the wardrobe choice. When he walked out, his friends commented he looked liked John Wick from the Keanu Reeves movie series. I am a fan of the movie series and realized the area I chose looks similar to a shootout scene in the movie. The movie features bright colored lighting so I put on some colored gels on my lighting and we made an impromptu John Wick style portrait session.