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Dolphin Jumps During a Wedding in Orange Beach

September 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I would like to take credit for this being a planned shot. Of course you can't make a dolphin jump, but you can focus on a pod of dolphin and hope maybe one will jump up. This was not the case for this shot in Orange Beach at Perdido Pass.

For this outing my goal was to get osprey with a fish catch. My ideal shot would be the dive and catch shot. Whenever I have a shoot at Perdido Pass, I usually see osprey flying and diving for fish so I thought this would be a good location to get some photographs. However, there was not much going on at the pass in regards to bird activity. There was a great blue heron hanging around the beach as well as some sanderlings and gulls. I have plenty of those shots so I pretty much skipped those opportunities. Well, I didn't skip those shots as I took a few but didn't get anything I already have. I did see an osprey on the distance but it wasn't hunting. Perdido Pass was pretty much a birding ghost town. I checked my wildlife activity app and it confirmed it was day of low activity. I probably should have checked that to begin with.

The main activity at the beach this evening was weddings. There were two weddings at the same time. While walking around I thought this wedding scene looked really neat being backlit by the setting sun. This was the moment right before the bride comes down where guests are making their way to the seating. Obviously this wasn't a wedding I was hired to do but I took this shot to file away mentally for a future wedding in a similar situation. I was using a 100-400mm lens and I thought the compression of getting the wedding and a long view of the beach past the pass looked interesting.

When I got home and looked through the files, I noticed a dolphin jumping in the pass that I didn't while taking the picture. This was a happy accident on two accounts. The first is the dolphin jumping. Second is I wasn't even focused on the dolphin or that area to begin with. I was trying to get focus on the officiant. Since I was in birding mode, I had the camera set for action so whenever the camera detects motion it focuses on that. So, when the dolphin started to jump the camera picked up the movement and captured the dolphin. This was a happy accident. 

Orange Beach PhotographerOrange Beach PhotographerA dolphin jumps at Perdido Pass in Orange Beach as guests get ready for a beach wedding at Alabama Point  



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